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Not in one of our launch locations? Sign up and you will be the first to receive Watty in your city. Your price will depend on installation costs in your area. No credit card information is needed for sign up and coupon codes are applicable.

What Watty 500 means

Being part of the Watty 500 isn’t only getting access to an awesome product at an early stage; it also means being a part of the development process in a way you don’t often get the chance to be. Your experiences and feedback will play an unparalleled role in shaping the Watty services for the future, and apart from always having a special place in our heart, you will have VIP access to future releases.

At present, Watty only supports homes without their own heating source, that is, apartments. The reason for this is that heating appliances have their own complex signature that can, in some cases, drown out the signals of other appliances, which requires more complex model building to solve. We are working on improving our models for this, and will release our service to homes with their own heating sources as soon as we feel we can guarantee the high quality insights you expect from us.