Watty for every home
Watty Box and App
Watty helps you understand what is happening in your home in real-time.

Did you forget the stove on?
Did the kids leave the fridge door open again?
How much power does my TV use?
Get valuable insights anytime and anywhere.

Pre-order Watty
The Watty box is 1 year-old! The first generation of the Watty boxes were sold out! We’ve listened and learned a lot from our community of users and soon we are launching the second generation of the Watty experience.
*We do not request your credit card information.
Details on installation


  • Subscribe to Watty
  • We will contact you with more info and set an installation date

Installation day

  • Download the Watty app
  • The Watty box is installed in your home by our professional electricians
  • Connect the Watty box to the Watty app via your home wifi
  • Start ‘Mapping your home’ - start finding your home appliances


  • Start paying 39 SEK/month only after installation
  • Access customer support directly from the Watty app
Monthly subscription

Start paying 39 SEK per month only after installation.
Cancel anytime.

Installation cost

If you choose Watty to do the installation for you, it costs 699 SEK. It’s a one time fee and it includes:

  • Installed by certified electricians
  • Watty team member comes to get you started and onboarded
  • A thorough walkthrough how the service works
  • You will be billed only after installation