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With Watty, you can remotely and securely take control of all your home and use the insights to make better everyday choices.
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Step 1.

Pre-order and be the first to get your hands on the Watty Box.

Step 2.
Step 2.

Watty’s installer comes and installs the box in your fusebox. Easy!

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Step 3.

Get the Watty app and start mapping out your home.

Why Watty?
  • Map your home ‘appliance by appliance’

    Watty’s artificial intelligence solution can detect and identify your appliances at home. You can help it become smarter by mapping more appliances.

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts

    Monitor which appliances are in use. Know what’s on. This will help you monitor all activities in your home in real-time. Easily set up alerts.

  • Your home is your most valuable asset

    You can now protect and control it from just about anywhere with the Watty app.

  • Join the waiting list to get the Watty box


    • Installation
      What does the Watty Box contain?
      The box contains the following:
      -1 Watty Box Sensor hardware
      -1 Power cable
      -6 Clamps
      -1 Ethernet cable
      -2 Splitters
      How many monitors do I need for my home?
      The Watty Box measures your total electricity use on the incoming three phases. As long as you can reach these, one is enough. Unfortunately, we cannot at the moment cater for residences that can’t reach their incoming electricity cables.
      What do I need to install the Watty Box?
      The Watty Box will work as long as you can reach your fuse box and have access to either wifi or ethernet there.
      Where do I install the Watty Box?
      The Watty Box needs to be installed on the incoming electricity cables, which you can usually reach by your fuse box. The Box itself will be installed by a Watty installer, which is included in the price.
      How is the Watty Box connected to the electricity?
      The Watty Box measures your electricity use with current clamps; normally three for EU residential properties, though some apartments can have only one. The clamp is attached onto an insulated cable and therefore doesn’t come into contact with your electrical system. However, you may need to remove the casing of the fuse box to reach the incoming power cables.
      When will it be delivered?
      Watty will start installations in May.
      Is it possible to do the installation myself?
      In the majority of cases, the installation requires that you remove the casing for the fuse box and fasten the current clamps around the incoming power cables. To do this safely we strongly recommend buying the product with installation included. Not only does this remove the risk to yourself in dealing with live wires, it will also give you the peace of mind that the installation has been done correctly, at a lower price than most independent installers.
      How does it connect to the internet?
      Watty connects to your home internet connection via WiFi or ethernet cable.
    • Payment info
      What type of card do you accept?
      We can take payments with most cards, but are unfortunately unable to accept Amex. Some banks (e.g., Nordea), don’t allow you to pay if you haven’t opened up your card for payment on all internet stores via your internet bank. If you are having this problem, see more instructions here or on your own bank website.
      If you are having any other issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch!
      Money back guarantee
      We are dedicated to bringing something of value to the market, and don’t want to be another piece of redundant hardware in your home. So if you change your mind after ordering before you get it, or if you don’t think this delivers anything of importance to you for the first 6 months after you’ve received it, we will give you 100% of your money back - no questions asked.
    • Watty 500 community
      What does it mean to be part of the Watty 500 community?
      Being a member in the Watty 500 community means that you will be the first to try out and use any new features from Watty. You will also be invited to have an active dialogue with the company about the functionality and design of the product.
      In which countries can it be used?
      Watty works in all European countries - (thanks to EU appliance regulations that makes appliance fingerprints very similar).
      Why can’t I get it for my detached house?
      At present, Watty only supports homes without their own heating source, that is, apartments. The reason for this is that heating appliances have their own complex signature that can, in some cases, drown out the signals of other appliances, which requires more complex model building to solve. We are working on improving our models for this, and will release our service to homes with their own heating sources as soon as we feel we can guarantee the high quality insights you expect from us.
    • The monitoring service
      Can the Watty product detect all of my appliances?
      Watty detects most larger appliances straight away, and it will get increasingly smart the longer it is in your home as it senses your particular patterns. However, some smaller appliances, like phone chargers, will be very difficult to detect specifically, since their signatures get drowned by the signatures of the larger appliances.
      How can this help me save energy?
      We can help you save energy by pointing out where your electricity isn’t normal, and if something unusual seems to happen. For instance, if your fridge breaks you will not always know until it stops cooling your food, but long before that it will be apparent from the electricity use that it’s not functioning properly. Watty’s appliance models can see if your appliances are acting abnormally - whether unusually low or unusually high.
    • Other
      Do you have an API to access the data if I want to play around with it?
      Not yet, but it may be developed on the Watty communities request.
      Do you have homekit support?
      Not yet, but it is on the roadmap for 2017
      Is Watty compatible with my smart phone?
      Watty is currently available for Iphone and Android.
      Do you save my energy and household data?
      We take your privacy very seriously and only store energy data anonymously.