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    Watty is a fun and simple way to engage with your home energy. Founded by Hjalmar Nilsonne in 2013, Watty is an AI startup that helps you make smart decisions and keeps your home and family safe.
    A world leader in energy data analytics. Wired ranked Watty as one of the hottest startups in Europe in 2017.

    We’re a small team that’s growing fast and we’re always on the look for talents to join our team in Stockholm.

    Send your applications on our JOBS section.

    Our team
    • Jean-Alexander Monin Nylund
      Jean-Alexander Monin Nylund
      Machine Learning Engineer
      MSc. in Mathematics with specialization in mathematical statistics and financial mathematics. Nurturing an ever-growing interest for purpose driven software development since starting the Watty journey in 2013, he now assumes responsibilities in making sure Watty's ML core may develop and run seamlessly. On a slightly more important note he is also Watty’s reigning foosball champion.
    • Alexis Durand
      Alexis Durand
      Software Engineer
      French Engineer Degree (MSc) in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Previously has worked in Finance Startups in London. Primary areas of interest are optimization, testing and good engineering practices. Ping Pong and Air Hockey Fanatic. Loves boardgames and SciFi movies.
    • Olof Rensfelt
      Olof Rensfelt
      Senior Software Engineer
      M.Sc. and PhD in Computer Science from Uppsala University with focus on mobile wireless sensor networks. Has built embedded IoT software and backend system as CTO at Sensebit as well as cloud based backend systems and time series databases at Timescale. Likes guitars, coffee, and Cuban cigars.
    • Ilya Stakheev
      Ilya Stakheev
      Head of engineering
      MSc. in Applied Mathematics with focus on Computer Science. Previously has worked in many companies including big ones and startups. Primary areas of interest are distributed platforms and parallel calculations applied to real-time data processing.
    • Maria Babenko
      Maria Babenko
      Product Team Lead. Designer
      BA (Hons) Visual Communications University of Hertfordshire, London, UK.
      Worked as creative and art director both freelance and in design companies in London, Moscow and Stockholm.
    • Denis Shvets
      Denis Shvets
      Front-end Developer
      MSc in Informational Technologies and Robotics in Belarus National Technical University. Denis is proficient Software Engineer with more than 12 years of production experience in software development. Worked freelance and full-time in various companies in Belarus and Sweden. Clients include Onestop Internet, Viacom, EPAM Systems, StartWire, Globant.
    • Hjalmar Nilsonne
      Hjalmar Nilsonne
      MSc. in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Energy Systems Engineering. Previously co-founded multi-award winning Black Silicon Solar. Fellow of Young Future Energy Leaders and EU’s Young Leaders program.
    • Arvid Mårtensson
      Arvid Mårtensson
      Commercial operations officer
      Arvid is a mystery, with more than 10 years experience in automation, production, hardware development and procurement he brings a big box of skills to the table. There is no problem too small or too large for Arvid to sink his teeth in. With seven successful startups under the belt his pragmatic and insightful solutions often come with a twist of "oh! of course!"
    • Oskar Lilja
      Oskar Lilja
      Machine Learning Engineer
      MSc. in Complex Adaptive Systems from Chalmers University of Technology. Experience from working with applying deep learning to better understand structure in cancer data as well as with modelling mobile networks at Ericsson. Passionate about machine learning and data science and like spending his free time competing on Kaggle.
    • Mohamed Abdulaziz
      Mohamed Abdulaziz
      Machine Learning Engineer
      Mohamed has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from University of Khartoum and taken the Machine Learning master's programme at KTH. Before Watty, Mohamed worked several years in Sweden and abroad as systems engineer (subscribers charging systems on mobile networks) and a software developer (enterprise scale CI/CD frameworks). He is currently interested in building production grade machine learning based systems and automating the processes around developing and maintaining such systems.
    • Joel Shea
      Joel Shea
      Head of Mobile Development
      Joe has spent half of his twelve year career working in the mobile space: on Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. He values process, communication, and craftsmanship because these elements lead to better software and, above all, a better user experiences. In addition to his BA in Computer Science, Joe also earned a BA in Film Production and certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies.
    • Sara Sambrailo
      Sara Sambrailo
      Commercial operations officer
      Stockholm University, Joint programme for MA/MSC/MSOSC and Master of Education, Geography and Biology. Has worked as a veterinary assistant, with social welfare, navigation courses and most part as a highschool teacher with natural science in Stockholm. Working in the commercial operations team and take care of the Watty boxes in our storage like it's her babies.
    • Gustav Gårdbro
      Gustav Gårdbro
      Business developer
      M.Sc. in Energy Engineering and B.Sc. in Business Administration. Has experience from business development and strategy in a bioenergy startup and in one of Europe's leading energy companies where he worked primarily with decentralized energy solutions and charging infrastructure for e-mobility
    • Maral Kalajian
      Maral Kalajian
      Marketing & Communications Manager
      MSc in ICT entrepreneurship.
      10 years of experience in digital marketing.
      Loves startups.
      Wants to save the planet one watt at a time.
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