• Your home has a story to tell
    Watty speaks the language
  • An easy way to understand your energy use
    and tracking what is happening in your home
  • A simple and beautiful way to save energy.
    Good for your wallet. Great for your planet.
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Your energy cost broken down.
Simple and beautiful visualisations.
Have you ever wondered if your energy bill is fair? About how much different appliances in your home use? Watty is the easiest way to get smart about your energy use. Plan your expenses and learn how to save money with Watty.
Never worry again.
You deserve a peace of mind.
Never worry again about what’s happening in your home when you are on the go. With Watty you can immediately check - did I leave the stove on?
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Total energy tracked by Watty so far
Every day Watty is analyzing millions of measurements.
So far our machine learning algorithms have tracked:
watt hour
    Cycles of
    Fridge and Freezer
    Hours of TV
    Cups of Coffee
    and Tea made
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